Israel-Syria-IRAQ-ISIS-Iran (Islamic Terrorism)

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Re: Israel-Syria-IRAQ-ISIS-Iran (Islamic Terrorism)

Postby Cate McCalley » Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:58 pm

Political Plague wrote:Protestors in Iran. Not a peep from the left.

The extreme left has taken a position I don’t agree with. In that it has voiced opposition on Trump’s public celebration of it. Believing it gives the Iranian regime to crack down on protesters, pointing to the U.S instigation and meddling in their sovereign country’s internal affairs.

My position is the regime will make that claim, with or without Trump applauding the protest. IMO, it’s better the protesters hear support from the world’s largest megaphone than not to hear that support.

Unfortunately the only difference in the protest of 2009, is the middle class took to the streets to oppose civil rights violations, while today’s protestors are working class dissenting over Iran’s unequal economy.

Anti-government leaders of this protest are still unable to unite into an organized cohesive front to keep public pressure for protest, even with the current mass discontent.

Iran’s elite are still united and ready for any excuse for a severe crackdown on dissenters, (i.e, foreign meddling in politics). The elites lopsided ability and capacity to institute a severe crackdown, is formidable in the face of any protest movement is not united with common leaders. Notable leaders with a following to advance a more democratic ideology.

Iran’s Government is maintaining legitimacy and enough efficiency to stifle the kind of dissent necessary to foment a real revolution.

Unless the corruption and mis-management of government reaches the level that fractures the solidarity of the elites...i.e., one faction becoming excessively greedy, or disloyal, there’s little hope dissenting leaders to unite for a common cause.

Iranians don’t have guns. They can’t storm the well entrenched Revolutionary Guard and take theirs. They are without means to foment a real revolution. At this juncture it must come from a fractured elite. Not likely to happen considering greed and privilege has solidly united the religious & government elites.

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Re: Israel-Syria-IRAQ-ISIS-Iran (Islamic Terrorism)

Postby Demon Hunter » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:55 am

Iranians don’t have guns.

That alone tells us why our forefathers wrote the Second Amendment.
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